Natalie Bury

Dancer Choreographer Singer

Ene Mene Mu

ENE MENE MU is a short piece about a sibling love story of two very different sisters. They play games and struggle and get clear about the fact that you cannot choose and not deny who is your sister. ''Ene Mene Mu und raus bist du'' is an old german counting-out rhyme.

The two sisters are playing with this rhyme in their own way.

A production of Bestimagefilms .
Choreography: Natalie Bury
Performance: Anika Weiland, Flavia Samper
Music: Hannes Wollmann
Filmed by Hannes Wollmann and Nikolai Bury at the studio stage BM-Company. Post production by Hannes Wollmann at khap-LA studio